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Battery Saver - Bataria Pro

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Pro version of Bataria - Battery Power Saver+ Premium Widgets+ No Ads+ Schedule Power Saving
+ Premium Widgets:4x1 Power Widget2x2 Power Widget1x1 Task Manager widget with free memory info1x1 Quick Settings widget
Battery Saver + Active Applications Manager (task manager)Battery Widget: Add Bataria widget with Menu > Add > Widgets > BatariaBataria is a simple battery saver application, designed to save your battery's life when you most need it.
With this new version of Bataria you can now move your device easily into power save mode with just one tap, and even manage your active apps from the same place.Bataria was designed to be small and efficient, including status bar battery and 1x1 battery widget for quick operationActivating power save mode will turn off all the power hungry resources: Display Brightness, Background Data Sync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Key Features:- BATTERY SAVER- ACTIVE APPLICATIONS MANAGER (similar to samsung task manager)- STATUS BAR BATTERY PERCENTAGE (color change according to the battery level)- AUTO POWER SAVING (when the battery level reaches a specified percentage)
Power Saving Features:- turn off Display Brightness (set to minimum)- turn off Auto Sync- turn off Wi-Fi- turn off Bluetooth- turn off Haptic Feetback- set lower Screen Timeout- turn off Screen Rotate
Battery Widgets:1x1 Battery Saver Widget1x1 Circle Battery Widget2x2 Circle Battery Widget

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